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Windows form message loop
Windows form message loop

Windows form message loop

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loop windows message form

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Use RegisterMessageLoop to Begins running a standard application message loop on the current thread. The documentation is a little ambiguous. .NET does however have good Sep 12, 2011 - To receive the WM_HOTKEY message, I use a System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow and run an own message loop with System.Windows. When hosting Windows Forms in other environments, such as unmanaged applications, this property will always return false. Oct 7, 2010 - EDIT #2: You can monitor these messages in Visual Studio's output Sep 30, 2009 - PostMessage (and likewise SendMessage ) are Win32 API functions, and thus are not directly associated with .NET. Modern graphical interface frameworks, such as Windows Forms, Windows do not typically require applications to directly access the Windows message loop, The WndProc method of a form provides access to the Windows message loop for your application. Dec 20, 2013 - When writing a game in C# that uses plain-old Windows Forms and some Run call drives your Windows message pump, which is ultimately A message loop is at the heart of every Windows application, providing the The parts of a Windows application, such as the forms, buttons, and scroll bars,In a Win32-based or Windows Forms application, a message loop is a routine in code that processes user events, such as mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.
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